Jennifer McOwen

General Proofreader
McOwen Family
  • Associate Degree

    Business Administration

  • Certificate of Completion

    General Proofreading

I love to read.

Even in my earliest memories I can recall having a book in my hand. They were always a source of comfort for me, like an old blanket that gets dragged around by a toddler.

As I grew independent in my reading, books were how my friends and I bonded. We’d read our favorite book and trade as soon as we finished. Then we’d wait for each other to finish so we could talk about the latest adventure of hidden passageways, magical cameras, or mischievous redheads.

This habit continues even now in my adult years. When I come across a book that impacts me in any way, big or small, I obsessively tell everyone and anyone who is breathing near me about it and I buy a dozen copies to give to all my friends.

You could say reading—and sharing what I’ve read—is my love language.

Which brings me to proofreading.

If reading is my love language, then proofreading is one of my favorite dialects.

I have always amused myself with finding pesky little mistakes in books, advertisements, and—ahem—social media posts. I had no idea I could make a living doing what I love until the end of 2016 when I came across Caitlyn Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere course. I plugged away at the course over the next year and graduated with a certificate of completion in November 2017.

In August of 2017, I joined Distributed Proofreaders to help digitize pieces of literature for Project Gutenberg. Since then, I have proofread over 400 pages in 12 different books.

Aside from proofreading…

I used to be a bookkeeper for a baseball club and a nonprofit, and I also was an accounts payable accountant for an entertainment company. Attention to detail is key for these types of jobs which helped train my eyes for accurate and thorough proofreading.

I hope knowing a little about me will make you feel comfortable enough to let me help you and your work stand out!